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E85 Flex Fuel - 105 Octane (+)

  • 85% BIOETHANOL + 15% gasoline
  • Sourced from Summit Natural Energy, the ethanol is made from waste fruit sugars!
  • Greatest emissions reduction
  • E85 is for use in Flex-Fuel vehicles only, for information on converting your car into a Flex Fuel, Click Here
  • Click here for an updated list of Flex Fuel Vehicles currently available in the US 

E10 Gasoline - 87 Octane (+)

  • 10% BIOETHANOL + 90% gasoline
  • Dometic, renewable energy for use in ALL gasoline vehicles.
  • Sourced from Oregon producers keeping your dollars closer to home!
  • Fully approved for use in all gasoline vehicles regardless of Make, Model, or Year

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B99 BioDiesel (+)

  • Made locally in Salem from waste cooking oil collected throughout the Northwest
  • Greatest emissions reduction.
  • 99% domestic, renewable energy
  • Considerations: Not recommended for vehicles 2007 and newer, or vehicles with water blocking fuel filters. Vehicles older than 1994 may have natural rubber fuel components which need to be changed to synthetic rubber like Viton. Biodiesel is an excellent solvent and will clean any debris from the fuel system; we recommend replacing the fuel filter prior to B99 use and changing it again if you experience low power. B99 will start gelling below 40F, we recommend blending B99 and regular diesel to 50%/50% to avoid gelling. Below 25F we recommend B20. Anti-gel additives made for diesel will have no effect on biodiesel.

B20 Blend (+)

  • 20% BIODIESEL + 80% diesel #2
  • Best emissions reduction for the least cost
  • More than 40 million miles of road testing
  • Approved by some engine manufacturers, check your owner's manual for details

B5 Diesel (+)

  • 5% BIODIESEL + 95% diesel #2
  • Cleans injectors, boosts cetane and improves lubricity.
  • Meets #2 Diesel Standards
  • Fully approved by all engine manufacturers

Biofuel's Impact

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